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Music, Art and Cocoa

Social innovation for sustainable living of our rural youth and their communities

We strive to foster the productive and wholesome utilization of leisure time for children and adolescents by offering training in music, dance, art, and personal development.

Our purpose is to prevent domestic abuse, substance abuse, child prostitution, and rural migration.


Palestina, Caldas

Palestina is a municipality in the central-southern region of the department of Caldas, which has 13,000 inhabitants.

Its main economic activities are coffee production, work with guadua (a typical bamboo), sugar cane cultivation, cocoa, bananas, and artisanal fishing.

Since 1962, Granja Luker, our cocoa research and educational farm in this municipality, has welcomed over 30,000 visitors, including cocoa growers, researchers, students, and clients.

Transforming our world through art, music and skill development

A group of children is engaged in weekly folk dance lessons, enhancing their rhythmic and expressive abilities while allowing them to learn and perform traditional Colombian music choreographies.

The other students receive musical instruction on various instruments, including the violin, viola, cello, and double bass.

Students with advanced skills are part of a symphony orchestra and receive additional training for three hours per week.

Additionally, the students and their families have access to workshops focused on self-perception, positive conflict resolution, prevention of domestic violence and promotion of self-care and healthy family dynamics.


150 children and adolescents


Children and

12 months of training

12 months

Of training


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