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“We work with farmers, not with farms. Our chocolate is made by people, not machines. And our clients are dreamers with a vision, not brands or logos.”

We work with love for our clients, and we encourage more people and companies to make the world a better place.

Challenges move us; we take advantage of opportunities; we are entrepreneurs and innovators; we are close, committed, and everyone here has a great passion for chocolate.

These are our culture pillars:

From product to the service

From knowledge to innovation

Think global, act local

From individual thinking to team working


Do you consider yourself passionate about making an impact on the chocolate industry by creating a positive impact in Colombia? If you want to contribute to make the world a better place, don’t think twice .. Join our team!


Young and diverse team

We enjoy bringing new ideas to the table and learning something new everyday. We appreciate experience and expertise.

Passionate about cocoa

We love to learn everything about cocoa farming, its sourcing and the chocolate process. 


We are interested on global trends and dynamics to create customer-centric solutions.


We pursue the creation of economic, social and environmental value to positively impact our communities.


We are a connected and welcoming team. We learn from our mistakes, we keep improving and creating things until we get it right.



At Luker Chocolate, we value close, trustful, and long-lasting relationships. We love to learn and share our knowledge, and of course, we love to have fun!

Find below some frequent questions regarding careers in our company.

If the answers below do not answer what you are looking for you can Contact Us directly.

Where can I apply for jobs?

Most of our job positions are based in Bogota, Colombia. Sporadically we will have job positions in other Colombian regions.

Where do you post jobs? How frequently?

Most of our positions are posted on LinkedIn or, we post them as soon as we have a vacancy.

Under which modality are you working during the pandemic?

Right now, our supply chain employees are attending to our facilities. Most people of administrative positions are working in a hybrid work model (remote and in our offices).

As a future employee, can I interact with the communities you impact?

The pandemic has made us interrupt travels and activities with our communities. However, once the conditions allow us, we will have activities that may include visiting our crops and interacting with the communities.

How do you manage careers at Luker Chocolate?

Each time we have vacant positions we share them internally with our employees. Moreover, we developed a performance management model, and we accompany our employee’s path providing them different tools that help them to own their own development. Also, we keep doing talent reviews with our leaders to applying 70.20.10 for the growth of our team.

If I am a new hire do I need to travel?

During pandemic we have reduced considerably business trips, in this moment is unlikely you need to travel, but of course would depend on the role you are hired for.

Where are the interviews taking place?

Most interviews are done virtually.