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Improve chocolate value chain via education and understanding of cocoa

We want young people in Tumaco, who are the children of farmers, to love cocoa and understand its production process.

Many young people in Tumaco are leaving the countryside to live in cities and pursuing careers unrelated to farming.

We want to show the next generation the potential of the cocoa production chain to provide them and their families with a better quality of life in a legal and environmentally conscious way.


Tumaco, Nariño

Tumaco is a municipality located in the department of Nariño, in southwestern Colombia, near the border with Ecuador. It has 257,000 inhabitants, of whom 90% are Afro-Colombians.

The main economic activities are fishing, agriculture, and cultivation of banana, cane, cocoa, chontaduro and borojó (typical Colombian fruits), among others. The population of Tumaco faces different social and economic problems, such as low-quality education, low health coverage, and issues of violence and illegal activities. In rural areas, they struggle with electricity and water availability, which is only 60% and 6%, respectively.

Improve chocolate value chain via education and undesrtanding of cocoa

We held 8-hour meetings once a week with activities and games for children to learn the principles of agriculture, good environmental practices, and the transformation of cocoa into chocolate.

the students organize an event where they showcase their knowledge to their families and local community.


Children and young people between the ages of 8 and 16

Children and Young

Between the ages of 8
and 16

6 months of training

6 months

Of training




The Cacao Effect

The Cacao Effect

A cooperation agreement between Luker Chocolate, USAID, Fundación Luker, Enel Emgesa, Saldarriaga Concha Foundation, The Sustainable Trade Initiative-IDH and EAFIT University, with which we seek to improve the living conditions of cocoa farmers and their communities in three regions of the country.