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Kids for Nature

Educating Youth in Cocoa Sustainability

The project aims to contribute to the protection of the environment in cocoa-growing communities in Colombia by teaching kids to appreciate and protect their surrounding ecosystem.

It is taking place in the communities of Camarga, LecheMiel and Buenos Aires in the Casanare region of Colombia.

The forests and wetlands of Casanare are home to 45% of the mammal species found in Colombia, including the largest populations of chiguiros (capybaras) and deer.

Illegal hunting and climate change make these forests and wetlands the most threatened in Colombia and put the survival of these species at risk.


Villanueva, Casanare

Villanueva is a municipality in the department of Casanare with a population of 31,727. Its main economic activities are palm farming, livestock, and oil. However, the armed conflict has affected this area, and oil extraction has decreased interest in agricultural work. The region also has high rates of gender-based violence.

Luker’s “El Paraiso” farm has been in this region since 2020. The farm has 3,800 hectares, 1,125 of which are of cocoa. We work with 12 producers through direct purchase and 25 producers through our Masters of Cocoa program. The farm produces 285 tons of dry cocoa annually.

Sustainable Cocoa Initiative: Youth Education and Community Participation

We are training children in biodiversity and communication skills and graduating them as ambassadors and guardians of their ecosystem.

Thus, they will spread the message, and we will strengthen the sense of belonging and respect for the environment amongst families in the region of Casanare.


20 children between 7 and 14 years old are attending the sessions.

20 children

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19% of transformed ecosystems in the region make it one of the most environmentally degraded regions in the country.

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26% of the species of birds and 45% of species of mammals of the country are in this region.

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The Cacao Effect

The Cacao Effect

A cooperation agreement between Luker Chocolate, USAID, Fundación Luker, Enel Emgesa, Saldarriaga Concha Foundation, The Sustainable Trade Initiative-IDH and EAFIT University, with which we seek to improve the living conditions of cocoa farmers and their communities in three regions of the country.