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The cacao effect alliance: producing ethically sourced chocolate

Alliance to produce sustainably sourced chocolate

Luker Chocolate has received a Transformadores Award from RedEAmérica for its work supporting cocoa farmers and their communities via The Cacao Effect alliance. In the Sustainable Business and Communities category, Luker was presented as one of four winners, amongst 11 finalists and 70 applicants.

The Cacao Effect is an alliance that seeks to strengthen the cocoa production chain. Helping to improve the living conditions of cocoa producers and their communities in four regions of the country, Urabá, Huila, Bajo Cauca and Tumaco. Together, the regions act as a basis for building lasting peace.

The transformative initiative stands out for its strategic, long-lasting support and training of cocoa famers and their local communities. Results of The Cacao Effect demonstrate greater yields, higher incomes and more opportunities for rural communities across Colombia.

Pablo Jaramillo, manager of the Luker Foundation says: “We are very happy for this recognition. The Cacao Effect is a grand alliance. IIt is a new way of looking at business and generating added value for cacao farmers. This award is for each of the cocoa producers.

“We thank all our allies: USAID Colombia, Luker Foundation, Luker Chocolate, Enel Emgesa, Saldarriaga Concha Foundation, EAFIT University, and IDH for being part of this project. It’s together, united that we make the biggest impact and can continue to improve the quality of life of the rural communities in Colombia.”

Camillo Romero, CEO of Luker Chocolate adds: “The Cacao Effect alliance lies at the heart of Luker Chocolate. As one of the largest initiatives in The Chocolate Dream, it embodies all of Casa Luker’s values, enabling us to make a real lasting impact in our hometown.

“ We’re delighted to see the project recognised by RedEAmérica at this year’s Transformadores Awards. We love working with other purpose-driven organisations to help bring about positive change in Colombia. With this award, we hope to see other potential partners coming into the fold over the coming months.”