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What is Single Origin Chocolate?

Refreshed and republished on May 19th, 2022
This post was originally published on December 29th, 2020, and has been enhanced and updated for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Read on to know more about our selected-origin chocolates. The following menu is to help you navigate through the content.

What is single origin chocolate?

At its most basic, single-origin means that the chocolate is made using cacao beans from one specific place or “origin”.

At Luker we are passionate about single-origin chocolate because the way it is produced can be crucial for transforming cocoa-growing communities and sharing the unique stories of its producers and the region it comes from.

By using cocoa from a single source, it means we can work directly with local communities and more wealth remains within Colombia to contribute to economic.

Interesting fact:

Our chocolate has been awarded in 2021, beating intense competition from other cocoa-growing regions and chocolate manufacturers. You can read here the Confectionery News article on the AVPA (Agency for the Valorization of Agricultural Products) Awards.

Discover Colombia’s biodiversity and the uniqueness of its cocoa through our portfolio of selected regional chocolates.

single origin chocolate portfolio

Cacao Fino de Aroma

In the first phases of our international business, it was scientifically proven that the cocoa from Santander, Tumaco, and Huila had the flavour characteristics necessary to define origin cocoa. In addition, an organisation called ICCO (International Cocoa Organization), presented an exact definition for special cocoas, known as  CACAO FINO DE AROMA.

It represents 8% of world production and stands out for its exquisite aroma and fruity, floral and herbaceous flavour with notes of malt and walnut.

Cacao Fino de Aroma’s characteristics come from not only the type of cocoa but also from the climate conditions, the composition of the soil, the region in which it grows and how the farmer works the land and the crop.

100% of Luker Chocolate’s portfolio is made exclusively from Colombian Cacao Fino de Aroma.

A Journey Through Colombian Chocolate 

100% of Luker Chocolate’s portfolio is sourced with Fine Flavor Cocoa. Furthermore, our Single Origin chocolates include 4  chocolate couvertures with unique sensory profiles that express the particular climate and geographic conditions of Santander, Tumaco, Huila, and El Rosario.



What are the differences and similarities between these single origin areas where Luker Chocolate is present, and what do these selected origins taste like?

colombian single origin chocolate map

The magic behind the Luker Chocolate portfolio is defined by the different characteristics that each region contributes to Cacao Fino de Aroma.

Our regional and emblematic single origins:


chicamocha canyon chocolate region

At the foot of the Andes mountain range, the region of Santander is well known for its mountainous landscape full of waterfalls, caves, hot springs and volcanoes. The Chicamocha Canyon is located here. The sensory profile is characterised by its potency, where tangs of cacao prevail and acid, bitter tones stand out.

sensorial profile single origin santanderSantander 65% sensorial profile


huila desert chocolate region

Known for its coffee and rice plantations, Huila has a great variety of climates and landscapes; from the heat of the Tatacoa desert to the cold landscape of Colombia’s highest volcano, Nevado de Huila. Huila’s profile is smooth with distinguishable, characteristic tangs that evoke green fruits and herbal fresh sensations.

single origin chocolate couverture
Huila 70% sensorial profile


tumaco coast chocolate region

The region of Tumaco is next to the Pacific Ocean and is one of the world’s rainiest areas. Cacao trees here produce a bean recognised for its highly bitter taste. Complete with floral and fruity underlying tones, as the beans grow under the shade of coconut palms.

extra dark chocolate couverture 85
Tumaco Extra Dark 85% sensorial profile

El Rosario | 100% Traceable Chocolate

Our sustainability approach model enables Luker to produce a chocolate that is 100% traceable.​ ​A chocolate crafted exclusively from the production of one of our company’s farms in Necoclí, Colombia: El Rosario. ​ A municipality that borders the Caribbean Sea to the north and west, it’s known for its warm and humid climate. These characteristics travel through to the chocolate grown in the region, mixing between notes that evoke a delicate wine aroma, well-defined cocoa taste, subtle citric acidity.

single estate chocolate couvertureSingle Estate 78.5% sensorial profile 

single estate farm el rosario


The cocoa used to create this unique chocolate is fully traceable to El Rosario, our first Luker cocoa farm and the largest cultivation of Fino de Aroma varieties in Colombia designed under an agroforestry system. These lands, which were traditionally used for livestock, are now home to different species of animals and an anchor for The Chocolate Dream, generating sustainable wellbeing in the Uraba region.

Differentiate your product portfolio with this set of Single Region, Single Country and Single Estate chocolate range.

single origin chocolates portfolio couvertures


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