The Chocolate Dream Journey


The Chocolate Dream Journey

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Pinta Caribia, dreaming in colors

In The Chocolate Dream, we believe that to fulfill a dream, the union of many is required, and we firmly believe in art and culture as detonators of development. This is the story of our first volunteering, a tale where art and teamwork were integrated to take the first step —of many we have given s…

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The birth of a dream

“I have a dream for which we need the joint effort of many… I want to set up a chocolate factory”. It was with this statement that José Jesús Restrepo founded Luker Chocolate 113 years ago. A company with a vision that even today, five generations later, is preserved, not only in one man and his f…

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Manifesto – Under the Tree

Our existence is condensed into a collection of moments, experiences, anecdotes, and conversations.  For us, it is the latter that makes things happen; memorable events that you never forget, events that transcend, that mark the difference and change the world. At Luker Chocolate, we believe that me…

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