Innovation cases


Innovation cases

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The right spark

  No, it is not a song. Nor is it a declaration of love. It is a momentous search that I carried out over the last two years for the solution to the most brutal professional challenge that I have come up against. Let me tell you all about it… Luker Chocolate is a company with over 113 years of…

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Can music change the taste of chocolate?

This question has aroused curiosity, amongst others, because it has to do with an element we consider essential when designing a product and brand: Experience. At Luker Chocolate, when we design products for our customers or hand in hand with them, we approach Design Thinking to be as accurate as po…

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Cacao Fino de Aroma: Colombia’s cultural and historical heritage

Today, after having developed a success story around Colombian Cacao Fino de Aroma throughout the world, and opening a market not only for Luker Chocolate but for all the country’s cocoa farmers, we want to go back and think about the road travelled, analyse the present, and think about what will co…

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Published:24 July, 2019
Published:17 July, 2019


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