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The Power of Education

the power of education


The school in the village of Garitón, located in Necoclí did not have the adequate educational infrastructure to provide more than 240 students with space where learning was their main motivation. Moreover, the school was not only a learning space for the new generations but has become a meeting place for the community of Garitón, where together they can build their future.

Therefore, as this infrastructure is the heart of Gariton, it was very important for us to ensure that it had the best conditions. To do so, we co-created with one of our clients in Japan, Maison Cacao, who, like us, believes in the transformative power of education to trigger rural development in the countryside, a project for the total reconstruction of 2 classrooms and reinforcement of the rest of the building. A total of 240 square meters will be intervened.

The Power of Education will include a second phase in which we will refurbish classrooms and create spaces for sport and recreation, which are fundamental pillars in children’s development.


Maison Cacao: is a chocolate brand born in Kamakura, Japan in 2015. They make the whole process from farming, manufacturing and selling hand in hand with Luker Chocolate and they only use selected beans from the farms in Colombia to make fresh and melty chocolates.

Fundación Luker: Fundación Luker started in 1994 as a non-profit private organization, pursuing the interests of a company from Manizales to make their city a better place for living and to educate the kids.

Corporación Rosalba Zapata: It is an organization of workers of Bananeras de Urabá S.A., a company that produces bananas attached to Fair Trade criteria and sustainability.

Necocli, Antioquia


  • Construction of a block with 3 new classrooms.
  • Provision of benefits to 435 people, 75 of them adults, from the community with these new spaces.
  • Involvement of 5 people from the community in the realization of the work.
  • Construction of 1 water tank with water disposal for the school headquarters.


What do we mean by a brand with purpose?

What do we mean by a brand with purpose?

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