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At CasaLuker we live and work by the mission of building a worldthat revolves around chocolate, where people are encouraged to help each other, success is measured in smiles and dreams become a reality.

Building a world around chocolate

Since 1962 CasaLuker has strongly invested into the agricultural development, to improve productivity and quality of the cocoa with integral sustainable techniques. In 2011, this initiative evolved even further with the development of a large-scale cacao agroforestry conceived to improve Colombia’s great cacao profile and bring progress and stability to the countryside. From this day on, this initiative became The Chocolate Dream, a social innovation plan to transform Colombia through cacao production highlighting the potential of each region.

Every day we focus our work on the integration of the entire cocoa value chain, from the cultivation to the delivery of the final product, maximizing the benefits for everyone involved. As an essential part of our CasaLuker family, we count with a sustainability team dedicated to generate initiatives for territorial development and positive social impact among the country, where our 550-hectare cocoa farm in Necoclí has been the starting point of The Chocolate Dream.

This is how Pinta-Caribia was born

Our farm in Necoclí employs people from nearby towns, full of passion and eager to master the cultivation of cocoa, provide for their families and lead the progress of their communities. Among our cocoa farmers, we have 70 workers from Caribia, a small village that is part of the sub region of Urabá, Antioquia, Colombia.


For some time now, its inhabitants began to train as technicians in ecotourism and voiced their enthusiasm towards turning their village into a touristic destination, taking advantage of its historical wealth -it was the first settlement in the area and has a great ethnic diversity-. This was a great opportunity to support the Caribia community by helping them spread the energy and generosity their people carry in their hearts, and their relentless desire to move forward. We were very happy to display that inner beauty into the community, by transforming Caribia into a vibrant touristic destination. With this beautiful challenge on our hands, CasaLuker recruited happy volunteers to paint the Caribia dream in colors, and this is how PintaCaribia was born.

CasaLuker has strongly
invested into the agricultural development, to improve
productivity and quality
of the cocoa with integral sustainable techniques

For us Pinta Caribia is more than just an initiative, it is the tangible metaphor and magical realism that exists around the cocoa pod, that not only nurtures the beans, but also nurtures lives and builds dreams around it. With our hearts filled with empathy and lots of excitement, the sustainability team of The Chocolate Dream started to materialize the execution of Pinta Caribia.

Bringing years of experience painting entire populations throughout Colombia, the Orbis Pintuco Foundation joined us on this special day to paint all the houses of the Caribia community. The Foundation brought knowledge and color by creating a program where 20 young Caribians were trained as painting technicians, in addition to donating the paint and all the necessary material to make Pinta Caribia a vibrant reality.


Painting a Dream

And the big day finally arrived, on June 22nd, more than 30 volunteers and Caribians united their efforts around the dream of turning Caribia into the most colorful place in Necoclí. The palette was carefully selected to represent the colors found in the cultivation of cocoa, colors that for the Caribia population have a deep meaning: blue symbolizing tranquility, green representing the peace found in the village, yellow representing the prosperity achieved in the cocoa fields and red for the love they have for their community and families.


Each volunteer helped two families to paint their houses, while receiving assistance from the inhabitants who had previously been trained by the Orbis-Pintuco Foundation. In addition, the community was responsible for preparing breakfast, lunch and food, thus concretizing a great teamwork and strengthening the links between CasaLuker and the community.

Shoulder to shoulder we worked for a common goal and this effort was reflected in the results: 100 houses were painted that day, from the primary school, community center, nursery, to the playgrounds.

The Chocolate Dream colors covered more than 88 houses in the small town, and these colors tell the story of how dreaming together and working together can make dreams a beautiful reality. Today we want to thank the community of Caribia for allowing us to connect with their dreams, open the doors of their homes and let us fill their lives with color, transforming this special day into another contribution of The Chocolate Dream.